How to choose appropriate books for children?

It's not as difficult as many parents think when choosing appropriate books for your children. All you have to do is think close to them and consider their reading age, and you can find the books they need.
Many parents may think young children, maybe only 1-2 years old, are too little to read because they barely know anything. But is this right? 
How old can children begin to read?
In fact, babies can begin to read while they're still in their mothers’ wombs. They can see through their mothers' eyes, and hear through their ears. If you can spend some time talking to your babies every day, reading fairy tales for them, they can hear you through the vibration of your voice, which accompanies them to grow day by day, and this is the best pre-birth education. Mothers' voice is the best audio book in the world. 

Good picture books not only present great pictures, but also great stories with only a few words. You can let your children use their imagination to tell their own stories according to the pictures. Just sit and listen to them telling stories, then you can know more about what's in their mind. Moreover, it can train their speech structure and logics.
It takes patience and time to develop the reading habit. Therefore, parentsare suggested to read with children every day, and by developing thereading habit and taking field trips together, both can learn and grow at thesame time, widening the horizon.

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