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Suitable for 8-12 years old
29.7cm x 21cm
Hardback book | 96 pages

288 NT for each
1152 NT for a 4-Volume Set



B97601 Stories of Chinese Idioms I
B97602 Stories of Chinese IdiomsII
B97603 Stories of Chinese Idioms III
B97604 Stories of Chinese Idioms IV

  • Chinese idioms not only soften the edges in interpersonal relationships, but also stimulate the way we think and enrich our imagination.
    The Chinese idioms are the essence of the wisdom from our ancestors in the history as long as 5,000 years. Inheriting the everlasting treasure, we hope to nurture a new generation with rich cultural literacy.
    • Stories of Chinese idioms are selected for children from 8-12 years old. With plain texts, children can understand the profound meaning between the lines when they read.
    • Colored illustrations of Chinese classic styles bring the stories to life as if experiencing a time travel.
    • “For Children” is included at the end of each story, helping children to think deeper and learn the morals from these stories.

Stories of Chinese Idioms IV
Stories of Chinese Idioms III
Stories of Chinese Idioms II
Stories of Chinese Idioms I
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Stories of Ch...
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