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Title: Baby CQ Puzzle Book

Suitable for 0-6 years old
Hardback in
8 pages

300 NT for each
1800 NT for a 6-Volume Set

B90101:Tasty Sweets
B90102:Cute Animals
B90103:Funny Insects
B90105:The Amusement Park
B90106:The Circus


  • By playing building blocks and jigsaw puzzles, parents can encourage children
    to read and do someactivitiesby their hands at the same time, enhancing their
    creativity and evoking their curiosity. But remember, it’s the “process” that
    they should enjoy, not theresult.

    This series of books aim to train and teach children how to observe and inspire
    their intelligence.

    Through visual guidance, children’s curiosity is evoked and
    they are encouraged to touch and learn how to use their fingers, and train the
    coordination between their brains and hands working together.

    Start from the easiest one, step by step, to develop children’s confidence
        and the ability to solve the problems on their own.
    Books are made of child safe and non-toxic materials with round- corners,
        caring children’s health and safety.
    Through jigsaw puzzle games, children can learn various things relating to
        those in the daily life and train the visual memory and sound judgment.

Tasty Sweets
Cute Animals
Funny Insects
The Amusement Park
The Circus
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