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Title: Baby IQ

Suitable for 0-4 years old
Foam accordion book
18 pages

280 NT for each
1120 NT for a 4-Volume Set

BP1001:Visual Development
BP1002:Shapes and Opposites
BP1003:Numbers and Quantity
BP1004:How I Spent My DAY


  • Through systematic training of visual guidance, children can cultivate their
    observation, imagination, logical thinking, and the ability to identify, so both
    their left and right brains can be developed well, paving the way for their
    future learning. The pictures in these books are not only adorable, but also
    especially designed for children to identify clearly and raise their intelligence.
    Moreover, they can stabilize children’s emotions, inspire their imagination,
    and improve their development of thinking. This series of books are the best
    basic teaching materials for visual guidance.

    Improve the five categories of visual intelligence
    Enhance the visual cognition.
    Learn visual judgment.
    Cultivate clear visual recognition
    Increase visual observation.
    Train visual memory.

Visual Development
Shapes and Opposites
Numbers and Quantity
How I Spent My DAY
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