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Title: Nuesery Rhymes And Kids’ Songs

Suitable for 3-7 years old
Paperback book
32 pages

150 NT for each
(with one audio CD)

600 NT for a 4-Volume Set

B53800:Volume List
B53801:Nursery Rhymes–Mother Duck and Her Ducklings
B53802:Nursery Rhymes–The Fireflies
B53803:Let’s Sing Along–The Jasmines
B53804:Let’s Sing Along–Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


  • Features:

    With colorful illustrations, pictures full of imaginations, and adorable characters,
    eachnursery rhyme or song becomes so vivid that it seems to actually happen in
    the real world,and children will fall in love with these stories once they start from
    the first page. Singing along with the audio CD and reading the nursery rhymes,
    children can learn how to speak and pronounce accurately. Moreover, the singing
    and dancing activities and stories full of imagination can definitely bring parents
    and children closer together. 

Nursery Rhymes–Mother Duck and Her Ducklings
Nursery Rhymes–The Fireflies
Let’s Sing Along–The Jasmines
Let’s Sing Along–Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
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