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Title: Differences Games And Sticker Book

Suitable for 3-6 years old
24 pages+ 2 sticker pages

148 NT for each
888 NT for a 6-Volume Set

B13801:The Supermarket
B13802:The School
B13803:The Amazement Park
B13804:The Circus
B13805:The Zoo
B13806:Let’s Clean Up

  • Features:
    The right brains are responsible are the iconic memory. Children from 3-6 years
    old don’t knowmany words yet, so most parents have to explain the rules of the
    games and play with them.

    Therefore, we especially design a series of books with various scenarios to
    develop the iconic memory for children, helping them to understand the things
    around them in the daily life. We also use differences games to train their right
    brains, so they can learn the vocabulary and the names of the objects at the
    same time.

    Learn from the games
    Children can learn how to observe carefully.
    With the training of iconic memory, children can quickly learn the vocabulary
        and know the words.
    Stickers are included in the books so children can not only train their fingers, 
        but also learn how to work their hands and brains together.
The Supermarket
The School
The Amazement Park
The Circus
The Zoo
Let’s Clean Up
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