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Title: Ta Chien Early Childhood Eduation – Jigsaw Puzzle

Suitable for 3-6 years old
Box set | 6 pages in each box;
each page consists of 6 pieces

580 NT for each box set
1740 NT for a 3-Volume box Set

B86001:The Ferris Wheel
B86002:Here Comes the Train
B86003:The Toy World


  • These jigsaws can train children’s hands and eyes to work together, and to think
    logically, which makes them the best puzzle games to develop children’s left and
    right brains.

    Made of non-toxic soy ink, which is child safe and eco-friendly.
    Various colors and soft tones bring joy to children.
    The games can guide children to develop their ability to memorize and to think.

    How to use:
    Giant jigsaw puzzles are easy to play with, and can prevent children from
        swallowing the pieces.
    Jigsaw puzzles can inspire children’s ability to think, and train them to learn 
        through developing their left and right brains.
    The games can help children train the iconic memory in their right brains when
        looking for the similar pieces, and stimulate their logical thinking in the left
        brains at the same time. Moreover, parents can encourage children to practice
        how to read and recite the words on the jigsaw puzzles once they are complete,
        to practice their speech ability.

The Ferris Wheel
Here Comes the Train
The Toy World
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