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Title: I Can Protect Myself

Suitable for 8-12 years old
Hardback book
24 pages

280 NT for each
2800 NT for a 10-Volume Set

01:Please Don’t Touch Me.
02:Dad, It Hurts!
03:I Am a Bully.
04:Is This a Shadow?
05:Hou-hou, Come Here.
06:Stop Being Unreasonable.
07:Don’t Talk to Strangers
08:Be Brave and Say NO.
09:Watch Out! Danger!
10:Don’t Hit Me, Teacher.


  • Is it important how children behave at school? Do children have proper
    interactions with others? Can they bully other kids? How do they deal with bullying?
    This series of book provide solutions to all kinds of problems that children may
    encounter, teaching them how to protect themselves cultivating themselves with
    good characters.

    Dear parents, please tell your children that being kind doesn’t meaning being weak.

    When people bully you, whether by speech or actions, you are the one knowing
    how to take the firm stand best. Do not let those malicious intentions or actions
    hurt you, but use them to make you even stronger instead, so you can be a
    respectful fighter yet with a kind heart.
    Grow and protect yourself.

    This series of books contain various topics, such as corporal punishment at
        school, sex and gender education, conquering the fear, learning to be brave,
        grand-parenting, resisting the temptations, domestic violence, home safety,
        preventing abduction, school bullying, and so on. 
    Through vivid pictures, children are taught how to protect themselves, and
        learn to get along with their peers.
Please Don’t Touch Me.
Dad, It Hurts!
I Am a Bully.
Is This a Shadow?
Hou-hou, Come Here.
Stop Being Unreasonable.
Don’t Talk to Strangers
Be Brave and Say NO.
Watch Out! Danger!
Don’t Hit Me, Teacher.
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