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Title: Protect The Earth With Our Hands
Suitable for 6-8 years old
Hardback book
32 pages

280 NT for each
1680 NT for a 6-Volume Set

B96201:The Spring of Pond
B96202:The Sound of Egrets
B96203:The Penguin Ting-ting
B96204:The Scent of Tea Garden
B96205:The Forests of
B96206:The Crying River


  • “There’s a river in front of my house, and a hill behind. There are many wild
    flowerson the hill, which are as red as fire…”

    This catchy song for children is memorized in many people’s heart in the past,
    but the scene described in the song is no longer the same now. The river is
    polluted, and the hill is gone…

    With great concern we represent the important issues of environmental
    protection with stories, hoping that children can learn to protect our environment
    since young, and parents can realize that we only have one earth that needs us
    to care and protect. We have to stop damaging the earth or it will be sick and
    strike back one day, leaving us to swallow our own bitter pills, and end up with no
    sweet homes.

    Therefore, we need to be aware of these issues and do our best to protect the
    earth with our own hands, living a substantial and eco-friendly life.

    Read with your children and protect the environment together, so we can use and
    share the resources on the earth forever, saving a better world for our next

    Stories are always the best teaching materials. This series of books, trying to
        bring out the crucial environmental issues, are written by the experienced author
        in children’s literature, Chen Chi-kan, who specializes in writing stories for
        children in their language, which attracts them easily.
    All the stories are illustrated by various artists, who together create a visual
        feast for children to realize the diversity of art.
The Spring of Pond
The Sound of Egrets
The Penguin Ting-ting
The Scent of Tea Garden
The Forests of Mountains
The Crying River
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