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Title: Hou-Hou’s Life Notes On Four Seasons
Suitable for 3-6 years old
Hardback book
48 pages

198 NT for each
792 NT for a 4-Volume Set

B97000:Volume List–Hou-hou’s Life Notes on Four Seasons
B97001:The Beautiful Spring
B97002:Happy Summer Vacation
B97003:Grandma Says I Am a
Good Boy
B97004:Christmas with My Sister


  • This series of books aim to enrich children’s knowledge and evoke their interest
    in learning, hoping to guide them to observe and discover the fun in everything
    around them.

    Do you know where fireflies grow? Do you know what flowers and plants you will
    see in difference seasons? Where do you usually encounter the green?
    Come to take a look with Hou-hou, and follow him to explore the world that
    you’ve never noticed.

    There are learning tips at the end of each book, helping children to know the
        flowers and plants surrounding them in different seasons, so they can start to
        pay attention to tiny things around them and learn to have sharp observation.
    There are three questions for further thinking after each story, and parents can
        guide children to learn the correct knowledge through discussion.
    The characters in the stories are just like any child in the daily life, so
        children feel close to them and can experience different activities and fun
        through the stories that are close to their lives.

The Beautiful Spring
Happy Summer Vacation
Grandma Says I Am a Good Boy
Christmas with My Sister
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