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Title: Little Fairy’ s Secret
Suitable for 3-8 years old
Paperback book
96 pages

280 NT for each

B96101:Little Fairy’s Secret


  • Preschool children are always curious about everything and they see the world in
    an unusual way. For them, the raccoons are purple, the hedgehogs are green, the
    clouds are pink, and the grass is blue…

    Parents can pick up the color pen with children,  through their innocent eyes,
    together discovering a  brand new world full of new colors.

    Various outdoor scenes and many adorable characters can inspire children’s
        imagination. In addition, children can color and tell their own stories at the same
    The process of coloring can develop children’s aesthetic thinking and sharp
        sense to colors.
    Children can learn to concentrate while coloring, and gain a sense of
        achievement when they finish.

Little Fairy’s Secret
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