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Title: The Insect Book
Suitable for 6-12 years old
Parperback book
104 pages

280 NT for each

B97801:The Insect Book


  • Do you know that Japanese samurai battle helmets were connected with the
    insects? And the scarab beetles are the symbol of the sun god? And there is 
    an encyclopedia for crickets in Sung Dynasty in China?

    Apart from the advantages and disadvantages that the insects bring to human,
    have you ever been curious about them? Does a mantis really stalk the cicada
    and try to catch it? Why can cockroaches fly and walk on the wall? How do
    crickets make sound?

    This book will show you all the secrets of insects. Different from traditional
    popular science books, this book collects funny facts about these insects so
    they’re even closer to our lives.

    45 insects and 51 featured butterflies are included.
    The insects are categorized by different families and introduced in details by
        large pictures so children can easily tell those with similar appearances apart.
The Insect Book
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